For the next 3 months (summer) there will be an open discussion. This will mean that you can comment on your favorite restaurant or store or many other things. Make sure that these places have multiple stores. When you comment on your favorite something I will then update the post with your favorite thing. This will apply to the next post.

White Water Rafting!

My family and I went white water rafting. We went to America White Water Rafting. Not only was it a really fun rafting experience but it was also a tour of the area. This is where the gold rush started. We saw the original Sutters mill! That was the mill that brought 300, 000 people to Colona. We even saw people panning for gold. If you are lucky, by go panning for gold, every week, you can earn up to 5,000$. I really recommend this tour.


I found another game on my Xbox it is called FIFA 17. There are many other FIFA games like FIFA 18, FIFA 19, and many more! I really recommend this game. Click down below to buy it.


For my birthday I got the world’s 8th biggest lego set! In 2017 it was in the guinness worlds record book for biggest lego in the world! I really recommend it.

This is the lego once it is done.