White Water Rafting!

My family and I went white water rafting. We went to America White Water Rafting. Not only was it a really fun rafting experience but it was also a tour of the area. This is where the gold rush started. We saw the original Sutters mill! That was the mill that brought 300, 000 people to Colona. We even saw people panning for gold. If you are lucky, by go panning for gold, every week, you can earn up to 5,000$. I really recommend this tour.

2 thoughts on “White Water Rafting!

  1. Bunty Singh says:

    Wow, what fun! Hope you weren’t scared, you remember what happened to your Nani and your Dad jumped in to save her when the raft flipped! Were you lucky enough to find some gold?

    • arjanbsingh9 says:

      We found fake gold. It is a mineral that looks like gold but is lighter. I got some of that but it is not worth anything so I dumped it back into the water. And we did not flip over but we were close a few times. we encountered waves about 9 feet tall!

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